CNC Multicutter - CNC Router with blade cutter

CNC Multicutter - CNC Router with blade cutter

The CNC Multicutter is our new CNC router with blade cutting attachment.

The CNC Multicutter is a medium format CNC router and blade cutter with a cutting area of 80" x 16" (2032mm x 406mm) up to 96" x 48" (2440mm x 1220mm) depending on the configuration. Standard sizes are 80" x 16" and 80" x 24".'

We call it the Multicutter due to the cutting versatility the machine offers when combining a traditional spindle for routing and milling tasks with an interchangable Donek blade cutter that allows a variety of other cutting tasks wih thin materials that would otherwise not be possbile on a traditional machine.

Though the CNC Multicutter was originally designed for ski, snowboard, and other boardsports customers, the unique size format also targets a broad array of markets beyond sporting goods such as sign cutting, woodworking, leather and plasic cutting and so on where a small format router is too small but a full size 4 foot x 8 foot is not necessary.

For the board sports market the ideea behind the machine was to design a medium format machine (i.e. cut typical board width materials) that is able to quickly and accurately cut materials to shape, taper cores to thickness, shape core profiles, drill binding holes and recess 3d contours in cores, taper sidewall material to thickness, and a myriad of other shaping tasks that can easily be done on a computer controlled machine.

With the addition of a Donek Blade attachment that fits into the machine's 3HP air cooled spindle, you can also die cut base material, tip fill and other thin materials opening it up to a variety of other cutting tasks

For other more traditional CNC markets the machine is a very price competitive, high quality CNC router and blade cutter comparable to machines costing thousands of dollars more in spite of being a Made in USA machine.

We offer both basic "router only" configurations for the lowest cost, as well and complete "turnkey" systems that come absolutely ready to go with computer, bits, software etc.

Stnadard machines are available with either HIgh torque Nema 34 motors for maxiumum cuting speed, or Nema 23 motors at lower cost featuring slighly lower cutting speeds.

Compare to Shopbot, ShopSaber, EZ Router and other machines in this category and you will see what a great machine the Multicutter is at a fantastic price.

84" x 24" Turnkey Model shown below:

CNC Multicutter right side


Standard "Turnkey" specifications

  • 80" x 16" (2032mm x 406mm) cutting area (other sizes up to 4 foot x 8 foot available (2440mm x 1220mm))
  • All steel rail based linear motion utilizing precision steel sealed bearings (no plastic wheels like some of our low end competitors)
  • rack and pinion X and Y axis drive, ball screw Z axis
  • 3HP (2.2Kw) air cooled spindle with variable frequency drive (not a basic router like most machines in this price category)
  • Nema 23 (495 - 580 oz/in) or Nema 34 (906 - 1220 oz/in) motors
  • All steel heavy duty welded table with leveling feet
  • 2.5HP vacuum hold down
  • adjustable height dust shoe with 4" dust collector attachment
  • Fully configured laptop computer featuring Mach3 cam software ready to run
  • 1 1/4" router bit, 3/8" router bit,and Donek Blade cutter supplied

Typical Nema 23 configuration - $10495, typical Nema 34 configuration - $11995

Dimensions 96" x 38" x 57" x ~800lbs. Other options, custom dimensions and International electronics are available, please inquire.

84" x 24" Turnkey Model shown below:


CNC Muliticutter Router with blade

84" x 24" Turnkey Model shown below (dust collector not included):

CNC Muliticutter router



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