Steel edges for skis and snowboards.

Top quality steel alloy profiles imported from Germany and Austria.

Rockwell 48 hardness unless otherwise noted in the description. We currently stock 2 profiles, a standard width edge and a narrower "racing" profile that puts less steel in the snow for less drag. It's a tiny bit faster, but also note that it will wear out sooner from tuning and may require adjustments in your base templates as it is not as wide.


Material Type & description (click links for info)


Price $


84" Standard profile steel ski and snowboard edge - 84" long. Rockwell 48 hardness. use 2  per board, 4 per pair of skis

$5.75 ea

out of stock!  

84" Racing profile ski and snowboard edge - 84" long. Rockwell 48 hardness. use 2  per board, 4 per pair of skis. (Click for image of regular vs racing edge. Racing edge on left)

$5.95 ea


Please note: some countries do not allow USPS shipments of cores because the box is too big. If you are ordering cores from overseas, please email for a quote first. We may have to use another carrier.



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